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GRNcmu extension

GRNbms CMU extension

Expected introduction in Q3 2023

With the GRNcmu extension you can connect many 4S to 18S battery modules to the GRNbms. The number of strings (in series) depends on your pack design.

  • Supply Voltage: 12V DC
  • Supply Current: max. 200mA
  • Supported Cell count: 4 – 18
  • Cell Voltage: 2.5V – 4.5V
  • Cell Voltage resolution: 0.001V
  • External Temperature Sensors: 0 – 3 (Programmable)
  • Balance Mode: Active (Capacitive)
  • Balance Share: Yes, between modules
  • Balance current: 0 – 500mA (Programmable)
  • Fast cell voltage refresh (2 sec.)
When balancing between cells or modules no energy is lost like with passive balancers. It shifts from high cell to low cell even between connected cell groups/cells in a string.
There is less balancing time needed, because of the active balancing.
Furthermore because of GRNcmu you can use GRNbms with many battery setups. From 4s to 18s modules as long as you can directly connect to the cell taps. The maximum number of modules is rather limited by the (series) voltages than the number of possible CMU’s in a string.

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