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GRNbms extensions

Use GRNbms extensions to enhance your EV battery system and make it even easier to use it. A Nextion TFT screen provides onsite insights in your key data. The VE-direct extension allows you to use existing Victron shunt (supported models only) and integrate it into GRNbms. More extensions are being developed and tested right now, planned to be available soon.


GRNcmu extension


GRNbms CMU extension Expected introduction in Q3 2023 With the GRNcmu extension you can connect many 4S to 18S battery modules to the GRNbms. The number of strings (in series)…
GRNbms relay extension


GRNbms relay extension Expected introduction in Q3 2023 A relay expansion board integrated in the web-based interface. With GRNrelay you can control 8 external relays with different scenarios predefined, or…
GRNbms with Nextion TFT extension for onsite data insights.

Nextion TFT

Nextion TFT extension for GRNbms Directly attached to the BMS with a convenient 75 cm cable the display gives key insights at a glance. Since it is a touch screen…


The GRNbms VE-Direct extension makes it possible to use a Victron shunt is that is already in your setup. The following two shunts / current sensors are supported: Victron SmartShunt 500A/50mV…
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